Tema and Takoradi Powership Projects


Powerships are a viable solution for emerging economies where electricity is often scarce than labor and investments and power outages regularly stop working. As in many parts of the world., we evaluated the effects of emissions from power ships on ambient air quality in Ghana.

The Ghana Powership Project involves mooring and operating a floating power plant “Powership” with a 450 MW and 235 MW capacity (about 39% of Ghana’s generated power) in the port in Tema Metropolitan District and Takoradi Sekondi Naval Base Ghana and connecting it to the national electricity grid. The air quality assessment has been prepared by AIRS Air Quality Management Services on behalf of Karpowership Ghana Company Limited (the Project Company). Assessments are compliance with all local environmental legislation and international lending requirements of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) Performance Standards as well as IFC Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) Guidelines.