Prejlina to Pojate, Serbia

AIRS Air Quality Management Services, as an air quality consultant, provided services on the evaluation of the effects of vehicle-related emissions on the Morova highway on the ambient air quality.

The Morava Corridor Motorway Project consists of the construction of a 112 km, 4-lane dual carriageway highway connecting central Serbia with Pan-European Corridors 10 and 11, from Pojate to Preljina in the north of Čačak, in the south of the Republic of Serbia. The project runs east/west in the West Morava River valley and is seen as the key provider of the economic corridor to the industrial city of Kruševac. The highway has 11 junctions, 56 bridges, 29 overpasses, 28 underpasses and extensive embankment scour protection works, flood protection measures and new riverbed construction due to long river diversions, embankments and the wide flood plain of the West Morava river. Along the highway route, it is planned to construct a telecommunication cable channel where optical cables will be laid. The purpose of the digital corridor is to provide a fast and reliable information exchange to ensure safe traffic and comfortable use of the highway.