TAV Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport Expansion Project

Izmir, Turkey

İzmir is Turkey's third largest exporter and therefore the province is one of the main provinces with heavy traffic flow. Izmir Airport currently ranks fourth among the country's airports in terms of passenger traffic.

Competition between airline companies has revealed low-cost airline ticket prices in Turkey in recent years. Therefore, the popularity of air transport has increased significantly in the country compared to the past.

Based on the facts, an expansion was deemed necessary to meet the projected increase in flights at the airport, which predicts an annual increase of approximately 6% in air traffic (under the base case scenario) during the concession period.

In the airport expansion project, it is expected that there will be many air pollutant sources such as aircraft emissions, ground handling services, vehicle traffic and auxiliary equipment. Contribution to air pollution level and air quality levels in the impact area of the Project were estimated by air quality modeling studies and compared with the national standards, EU Council Directives and WHO Air quality guidelines